• Grit is a large download and needs a relatively modern computer.  You’ll need a pretty good Nvidia/Intel/ATI graphics card.
  • On windows you’ll need the June 2010 version of the DirectX runtime and The Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x86) 
  • By using svn, you can easily update the engine any time, while using the snapshot (linked below) means you need to download again to get updates (which are very frequent).
  • The svn checkout and snapshot both contain prebuilt executables for Windows and Linux.
  • If you want to develop the core Grit Game Engine C++ code: Github project (note that you can get acquainted with Grit and do lots of artwork / scripting without needing to touch the C++ code) .
  • Please refer to the quick user guide when running Grit for the first time.  You can also seek help on IRC.

For those wishing to try out the Grit Game Engine, we do not yet have an executable installer. However there are two options available for downloading Grit via the SVN repository.

Download via web link

You can download an archive of the current snapshot of SVN (~800MB download, ~1GB unpacked). However you will not have the benefit of incremental updates, and neither will you be able to contribute back to the project.

Checking out SVN

The superior method is to ‘check out’ the SVN repository but this requires special software. On windows, it’s easiest to use Tortoise SVN. The SVN repository URL is as follows:

If you check out SVN, you will be able to use the incremental svn update functionality to keep your install up-to-date with the on-going development of the engine. Also if you decide to develop new content for Grit, you can commit it back to our centralised SVN repository for others to enjoy.